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General Meeting - Get the Skinny on Fats, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

Get the Skinny on Fats, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

In America we have swallowed a Big Fat Lie--that we need a low fat, low cholesterol diet to be healthy.  Tuesday night we will learn about the structure of various dietary fats and their impact and function in our bodies.  We'll discuss why we need to consume healthy fats and why many people lose weight when they begin eating more fat as part of a nutrient dense, properly-prepared diet.  We'll also cover blood sugar imbalance and its impact on weight gain.  While achieving a healthy weight is impacted by various factors, including psychology, toxicity, hormones and exercise, we will cover the most foundational aspect, which is that of diet.  

Achieve Weight Mastery:  The Psychology of Weight Loss

Liz specializes in the mind-body connection. The way we think about food and relate to food is typically learned during infancy, childhood and adolescence. This creates a belief system that guides, oftentimes unconsciously, our behaviors. With regard to body image and weight, typically people want to be fit and healthy, they know what they are supposed to do, yet they find themselves stuck in habits - their subconscious wins! This is why many people are not able to keep the weight they lose off- their belief system is still the same and the habits and patterns override their conscious willpower eventually. 

What’s Cookin’?
Enjoy healthy snacks provided by Charlotte Diebert, Salem Chapter Member

General Meetings:  3rd Tuesday of most months (7-9 pm) - These meetings include a variety of topics, speakers and discussions. Contact Linda Ellis for information

Meeting Location:  LifeSource Community Room - Candalaria Terrace Mall at 2657 Commercial St. SE, Salem 


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