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General Meeting - Beyond the SAD (Standard American Diet): Choosing and Customizing a Nutritional Plan for Healing or Health Maintenance

A panel presentation by three speakers; Luke Gonzalez, ND, Deep Roots Family Medicine; Patti Bowman, CN, Bowman Wellness,  and Vonnie Lincoln,  MEd.

Presentation by Vonnie (pdf format)

Presentation by Vonnie (powerpoint format)

Resource list by Vonnie (pdf format)


Similarities and differences between some specific diets such as Weston Price, Paleo, GAPS and Gluten-Free
Why you might choose one for yourself and/or your family
Protecting and improving your microbiome for overall health
Food choices and body metabolism
Stories of healing
Balancing a restricted diet
When should you consult a doctor
Wise supplementation
Dealing with die-off
Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw diets
Identifying food intolerances
A question and answer period will follow the presentation.  


General Meetings:  3rd Tuesday of most months (7-9 pm) - These meetings include a variety of topics, speakers and discussions. Contact Linda Ellis for information

Meeting Location:  LifeSource Community Room - Candalaria Terrace Mall at 2657 Commercial St. SE, Salem