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​General Meeting - Discussion: Is gluten (or grains in general) ok or not? Review of Nora Gedgaudas' perspective from recent WAPF conference. And Salem Food Coop Kerry Fox and Ethan Young present

General Meetings:  3rd Tuesday of most months (7-9 pm) - These meetings include a variety of topics, speakers and discussions. Contact Linda Ellis for information

Salem Food Cooperative   fresh.local.sustainable
Kerry Fox and Ethan Young, Board Members, Salem, Food Co-op
Come hear what Salem Food Cooperative is all about and how we can support and join.
Review - Portland WAPF Conference in September
Bob Welsh, Salem Chapter Member, will lead a discussion and review the recent WAPF conference.  Is gluten (or grains in general) ok or not?  Nora Gedgaudas' perspective from the recent conference including highlights of her information about auto-immune disorders, plus other conference highlights. 

Conference Review Information (PDF)

Hidden Sources of Gluten (PDF)

Meeting Location:  LifeSource Community Room - Candalaria Terrace Mall at 2657 Commercial St. SE, Salem  

Note, Katie Rablin, LicAc, Eng Acupuncture Center was going to present at this meeting, but she had to cancel due to a family emergency - her topic (stay tuned for her in the future): Living with the Seasons: Caring for Your Body in the Fall with Traditional Chinese Medicine