Welcome to the Salem, Oregon Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation!

Welcome to Nourishing Salem -
promoting real food, natural farming, health freedom, local foods, healthy agriculture

We are a rapidly growing group of people in the mid-Willamette Valley who care about healthy food and healthy living. Please join us at one of our events or enjoy some of our reference material and interesting items

We meet occasionally (we send notices via email on upcoming events - join our email list - link below in black box - to be posted on coming events) and we'll also post future gatherings on our calendar

Tip: If you're looking for presentations from previous meetings or any other items on this site but can't find them, just use the "Search" feature on every page. Most presentations are in the "Event" section - on the page for the meeting in which they were presented.

 Visit us on Facebook

Visit us on Facebook

Our gatherings are free of charge. We hope to see you at a future gathering - See Calendar for details

Linda Ellis, Sally Herman, Jessica Kouka, Vonnie Lincoln, Bob Welsh - Core group - Contact